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BPI Sonar Search and Site Investigations

Since 1978 Baird Petrophysical International (BPI) and Baird Comap Ltd. (BCL) have provided field planning and supervision, data collection and analysis, data interpretation and reports.

Underwater Sonar Survey Planning and Management

Volunteer Exploration Search and Recovery by Texas EquuSearch of Dickinson, Texas

      Texas EquuSearch Director Tim Miller and BPI President Ralph Baird

click here to go to link for search for loved Natalee Holloway

search Dickinson Bayou, loved drowning victim.

search of Lake Erie, downed aircraft and loved ones.

search of Brazos River, loved young girl.

land searches by foot, mounted search, vehicular search, K9 search, low altitude aircraft search, geophysical search.

Search and Recovery Training

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Search and Rescue: Mapping

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Gene Ralston of Idaho Web Page

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EMC Ground Penetrating Radar

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Harvey-Lynch, Inc.

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Geophysical Instruments Available

How a side scan sonar sees the ocean floor.

Side Scan Sonar, Image Geometry and Example Sonographs




Sub-bottom Profiler


High Resolution Fathometer

2D and 3D High Resolution Reflection Seismic Survey

Soil Sampling, Geochemical Sampling

Hot-shot, Emergency Surveys and Research Surveys

Contact Ralph W. Baird for more information. Mr. Baird is a geologist, geophysicist and registered professional engineer in Colorado. He graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a degree in Geophysical Engineering. Since 1971 Mr. Baird has pioneered geophysical measurements and high resolution geophysical surveys for applications of search and discovery and for engineering planning.

Baird Petrophysical is not an engineering firm and does not offer engineering services in Texas.

List of Services

Engineering Geology / Geophysics Data collection
Environmental Geology / Geophysics Data collection
Abandoned Well Evaluation / Planning
Shallow Porosity Reservoir Definition
Land Engineering Site Surveys Acquisition
Land / marine Soil Properties Profiles
Land / marine Environmental Planning
Land / marine Environmental Studies
Marine Site Investigations
Marine Jack-Up Rig Site Surveys
Shallow Gas Detection and Prediction
Debris Clearing Surveys
Potential Drilling Hazard Reports
Oil Platform Site Surveys
Pipeline Pre-Lay Surveys
Pipeline and Cabling Post-Lay Surveys
Wellhead Location Surveys
Harbor, Jetty and Berth Surveys
Depth to Bedrock
Location of Old Mines and Workings
Location and Mapping of Faults
Water Table Depth Determination
Quantification of Near Surface Aggregate
Permafrost Location and Depth
Side Scan Sonar Surveying
Hydrographic Surveying
Water Depth Determination/Certification

Underground Storage Site Planning
Salt Dome and Porosity Storage
Tunneling Site Assessment
Current Metering
Wave and Tide Monitoring
Navigation and Positioning
Sea Bed Sampling
Nuclear Power Plant Site Feasibility
Environmental Clearance Reports
Paleontological and Geochemical Surveys
Safety Studies and Mishap Defense Reports
Blow-out Relief Well Safety Survey and Monitoring
Sediment Stability Studies
Mud Flow Surveys and Monitoring
Search and Location of Heavy Equipment and Shipwrecks
Coral Reef, Sand Waves, Trenches and Ridge Surveys
Deep Water Port and Approaches Clearance Surveys for Super Tankers
Tunnel Location and Monitoring
Sonar Void Zones for Submarine Locations
Harbor and Approaches Defense Feasibilities Studies including Microzonation
Legal Support Services
Expert Witnesses Services and Testimony



Links:     Texas EquuSearch, Dickinson, Texas, U.S.A.

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