Three phases of Pressure Analysis.


We use all three phases to prepare our Seismic Pressure Prognosis. They are also used when we assist you with Real Time Monitoring using vendor internet links to rig and LWD/MWD sensors. They are used again in our End of Well Report.





"Detection is not Prediction. Prediction is not Detection.”

The Three (3) Phases of Pore Pressure Analysis: The Pressure Prediction Phase is before the well or incremental well section is drilled; this can be before the surface location is selected, or it can be as one or two feet of  hole is drilled. Offset well data, drilling data, 2D and 3D seismic data and any pre-drill  information that improves the accuracy and understanding of pressure are all integrated into the pressure prediction. All three phases are used in “state-of-the-art best practices” to study and understand offset wells, drilling problems, known and possible, and geologic basin geometry and deposition. Where there are no suitable offset wells, seismic and pre-stack seismic and geologic information is used. Baird Petrophysical calls this analysis its Pressure Prognosis. 

The Pressure Detection Phase is as the hole or hole section is being drilled, i.e., in real time and while drilling and while circulating, in the case of rotary hydraulic drilling; includes MWD, LWD, PWD, SWD, mud logging and drilling indicators while drilling. This is the phase where the well “talks” to the driller. Baird Petrophysical refers to this phase as its Real Time Monitoring. Detection data recorded and retained, including morning reports, well summaries and scout tickets are used to review and conduct detailed analysis of offset wells. 

The Confirmation Phase is after the incremental section (one foot or 3000 feet) is drilled and includes all techniques and measurements that quantify or qualify the formation fluid pressures, i.e., check for flow, RFTs, etc. In practice, Confirmation becomes a part of Real Time Monitoring and influences how Baird Petrophysical executes its recommendations to you, the driller. 

The distinction among Prediction, Detection and Confirmation is very important and is regularly confused and abused in the technical professional literature. Knowing the difference is a part of the start of knowing more and learning more about pore pressure observations, origins and systems. For more information contact Baird Petrophysical. 

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